Impact Measurement Insights and Key Pillars of the Business for Good/Social Enterprise Movement

Social entrepreneurship, or business for good, isn’t a new concept. In fact, it’s been around since the Industrial Revolution. And in Aotearoa, social enterprise has been widely recognised as part of Māori culture for a lot longer.

“If you go back 150 years, a business’ purpose was two- fold,” Rebecca says. “While entrepreneurs wanted to make a profit, many were also driven to serve communities and wanted to provide their workers with resources like housing and affordable food.”

….Rebecca was honoured to have been recently interviewed for this 'Business for Good’ Edition of Canterbury Region’s Business Magazine. Topics covered are vast and include the role of young people, story telling, and the future of impact measurement. In this article Rebecca Mills is joined by a number of other thought leaders in the space to give key insights on the social enterprise ecosystem. See pages 6-15 for the full interview.